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Bladder Suspension Surgery | West Monroe, LA

Because bladder incontinence seems so common, it’s sometimes difficult for women to understand that they may have an actual problem that requires medical attention. The best way to address your concerns is to talk to Dr. Robert Marx, M.D., an experienced urologist who specializes in urinary incontinence in women.

Depending on the severity of your condition, as well as how frequently you feel urges to use the bathroom or urinary accidents, Dr. Marx will be able to determine if you have minor to moderate incontinence that can be improved with physical therapy, Kegel exercises, or medication.

In some instances, incontinence is severe and doesn’t respond to non-invasive treatments. In these cases, Dr. Marx may recommend bladder suspension surgery. This procedure can be performed in several ways, including through an incision in the vagina. Each procedure involves pulling the bladder back into place and securing it with sutures so that it stays put.

Success rates for bladder suspension surgery are good. Success often depends on a patient’s medical history or other medical conditions, age, how long she’s been managing with incontinence, and how active she is following surgery. To maximize the effectiveness of your post-op results, be sure to discuss your lifestyle, limitations and any concerns you may have with Dr. Marx.

For more information about bladder suspension surgery, give the staff at Dr. Marx’s office a call. As a skilled and experienced physician, Dr. Marx has been helping his patients with gynecologic issues and urology treatments for many years. Don’t live with urinary incontinence any longer.

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