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InterStim Therapy

InterStim, an FDA-approved treatment option for chronic bladder concerns including urgency, frequency, and retention, is a device that is implanted during a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure. InterStim works by sending small electronic pulses to the sacral nerves, controlling the muscles that regulate urinary function.

InterStim is an option offered to both men and women. It is typically recommended to individuals who experience strong and sudden urges to urinate, accompanied by frequent urination and/or bladder leakage that is unrelated to physical activity. It is suggested for those who have exhausted conservative therapies without success and/or with bothersome side effects.

For patients experiencing chronic urinary incontinence, Interstim has provided numerous benefits, including:

  • Improvement in incontinence episodes within weeks
  • Complete continence within one year of implantation
  • Nearly 90% of patients experiencing continued clinical success five years after implantation

Prior to implantation of the device, it is possible to determine how likely it is to produce desirable and measurable results for the patient. During a pre-treatment session, Dr. Marx can use an external neurostimulator to determine how well the patient’s body responds to the therapy, indicating whether or not they are a good candidate for treatment.

Dr. Marx and his staff take a patient-centered approach to care, evaluating and recommending a wide range of incontinence treatment options that consider each patient’s specific needs. Our staff members are ready to consult with you regarding InterStim as a treatment for chronic bladder incontinence.

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